About Us

A brief introduction about our company!

We are Sluw. Our mission is to unite through art and music.
We’re a high-end streetwear brand and we value quality above all.
We offer limited drops so our style stays exclusive. You’re not just wearing Sluw.
You are part of an international community with a unique story to tell.
We’re not just making fashion, we’re embodying a feeling.
Recreating the pieces of art that is life.

That moment you’re mesmerized by a breathtaking painting.
The feeling of unity at a festival with your friends.
Chilling cozy inside with a beer when it’s raining.
That subtle breeze on your face when a summer night ends.

Company Information

Sluw Official V.O.F.
Zeebruggestraat 25
5628NH, Eindhoven
The Netherlands

KvK-Nr: 80771246
Btw-Nr: NL861794254B01
E-mail: info@sluwofficial.com

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